Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 3


My Sister, My Friend, Cheri

I wondered if God would heal Cheri if I prayed for her. I knew I was just a little girl. At church, you had to be an adult before people would listen to you. Was God like that too? Sure, I talked to God in the yard, but would He do something for me if I asked him? This was really important! I thought about it until I felt confused and scared for Cheri. I decided since God was an adult too, he probably wouldn’t do what I asked him to do. I didn’t pray for Cheri that day. I thought I was too young to ask such a thing. I didn’t know that day in the hospital would be the last time we would ever see her alive. Just a few days later, in the spring of 1958, Cheri passed away. She was only 9 years old. The guilt I carried at the age of 8, because I didn’t pray for my sister, plagued me for many, many years.

The evening Cheri passed away, Mama and Daddy came home from the hospital. Mama was sobbing. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Seeing Mama crying and looking so sad was hard to take. Daddy was standing there behind her looking very sad. Mama knelt down and told us that Cheri had passed away. Ronnie and Perry started crying and calling out for Cheri. Big tears were streaming down their faces. I cried because everybody was very sad. I could feel the sadness and the pain in the room. Mama was really crying into her handkerchief. I had never seen her cry like that before. I could feel her pain in my stomach. I didn’t realize what ‘passed away’ really, really meant until our whole family, walked into Banners A.M.E. Church in East End for Cheri’s funeral service.

CHERRR-RI!!! I screamed in shock. She was lying in a beautiful ruffled pink open faced coffin right in front of the altar. I couldn’t believe it! The last time I saw her, she was saying goodbye to us from her hospital bed. No wonder they wouldn’t let us go see her any more, I thought. Cheri’s dead! She died!! CHERI!!!!! Someone grabbed me. I don’t know who. I was doubled over crying and screaming my sister’s name over and over. As they tried to calm me down, the ushers closed the casket and led us up to the front row so the service could begin. All I could think of during the service was, ‘Cheri’s lying in that pink coffin! They’re going to put her in the ground!’

Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 16

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Final Thoughts

Since I couldn’t talk in church, I decided to ask Mama at home, when I thought she wasn’t too busy. I walked over to her when she was folding clothes and asked, “Mama, where is God? I can’t find him in the windows at church.” Thank God for my mother! She took the time to explain to me who God is and where he is. The invisible part interested me. Through my mother, God caught a 3 year olds attention so much so, that it opened a two-way door between him and me for life.

The decision I made at 3 years old to go outside and talk to God changed my life forever. It made me happy and let me know that God is always there even when I’m not paying any attention to him. That one curious question and the answer my mother gave me saved my life and turned it around time after time. No matter what happens, trust God.

Although I didn’t always listen or do the right things, I never left God and he never left me. I depended on his love for me at every turn. I know he loves me. God has blessed me, my family and now my husband in ways I could have never imagined. I’m Daddy’s little girl and my life continues to be hid in God with Christ.

Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 14

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The 2000’s

We knew Perry was ill, but none of us realized the seriousness of his condition. He had hidden it from us. Sure, his physical appearance had changed, such as his weight and color, but we knew that he had been dealing with Hepatitis C.

In the spring of 2000 I received a call from Perry’s friend, Susie. She told me that I needed to come to the hospital right away because Perry was seriously ill. We hadn’t heard from him and were trying to find him. While driving there, I thought about the horrible vision God had shown me 2 years earlier. A casket had appeared in front of me suspended in the air. Somehow I knew Perry was in there. Shocked, I yelled, “What, Perry is going to die?” I thought about our sister Cheri. I hadn’t prayed for her because I thought God wouldn’t answer a child’s prayer. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake with Perry, her twin brother.

Before I walked into the hospital room, Susie grabbed me in the hall and prepared me for what I would see. She said that Perry was very low, very thin, and didn’t look good at all. At that moment, I decided that I would not allow my brother to die. I entered the room and walked over to his bed. He was very thin. His strength had left him. He tried to smile and raise his hand to take mine. He thought he was going to die and so did she. Ignoring how he looked, I told him that he would be getting well and going home.

Six months later, we gathered for Thanksgiving dinner at Wayne and Carol’s house. Perry and I were alone at the table eating dinner. I looked at him with faith and love in my eyes because I was so grateful to God for him and said, “You didn’t think you would be here now did you?” He said, “No, I didn’t.” I told him how much I loved him, that I had prayed for him and I wouldn’t let him go. Tears came to his eyes and he thanked me. I already knew he thanked God.

Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 15

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More of the 2000’s

October, 2006 – I had been quoting the scripture Ezekiel 34:26 every day for a month.

Ezekiel 34:26 And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessings.

Martin and I were back in San Diego at the Hammons Hotel on A Street.  In the middle of the night, I was awakened by a spiritual presence in the room.  I sat straight up in bed.  It was so real, I didn’t know if I was asleep or awake.  Sheer, glistening streams of light were raining down in the entire room.  Some were falling down like drops of rain.  I watched the glorious sight for a good while.

Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 13

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The 1990’s

June, 1996 — I didn’t think I could make it without the little financial help Sam was giving me. His paychecks increased, but what he gave me toward the ever increasing bills, the responsibilities of growing children, let alone for any necessary repairs to the house remained the same. With no change seemingly in sight, I grew even more miserable. One Saturday before he found some excuse to leave, I looked at myself in our bathroom mirror and screamed, “I’m miserable!”

The following Monday, the girls called me at work and said that Dad was there with a couple of men from church. They were helping him pack and move out! I thought, ‘Good!’ and hung the phone up. Somehow I knew that God would take care of us. I had no idea the difficult turn my life would take. After 11 years of ‘marriage’, I was going through, you guessed it, another divorce.

When Sam moved out, he took the bed and put a dirty stained, dusty twin mattress out of the garage in our bedroom on the floor.  I was so glad he was gone, I didn’t care.  I put a white sheet and a blanket over the mattress and laid down on my stomach with my head cradled on my arm.  Just then I felt a man’s hand go through the blanket and sheet and lay flat on my behind.  I knew it was a demon’s hand.  Immediately, without turning around to see who or what it was, I said very strongly in a loud voice, “Get your hand off of me!”  The hand lifted off of my behind and nothing like that has happened since.  I assumed the evil spirit left and went to sleep.

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The 1980’s

We were in so much debt that I was ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ every month just to make the minimum payments on bills. I would make a payment on a loan at the Credit Union, wait for it to post and then transfer the available balance to pay another bill or to have enough for gas or food. I knew this was not God’s will and the guilt I carried for allowing myself to be put in this situation was tremendous. Nevertheless I knew that God could do the impossible if I would just trusted him for it.

Santeller was an automated machine at the Credit Union we referred to as the Iron Lady. You called Santeller with your account number and access codes to check your account balances, the due dates of payments, to make payments, etc. I believed that if I called Santeller, God would make my payment for me. The technology was his. He made the computers, so when I inquired about my monthly loan payment, he could certainly override the electronic Iron Lady and make her say, ‘Paid.’

I made that decision and went back into the equipment to pray. I asked God to make the payment for me. I dialed the required digits fully expecting the machine to say paid and it scared me when it said, “Paid!” With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible!

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The 1970’s

I was sitting at my desk, when suddenly in my spirit, I saw a long dark tunnel. It was wide at my end, but as I continued to look along the tunnel, the opening became smaller and smaller. As I looked intently all the way through the tunnel, at the end of it was a very bright light. Then, I saw myself moving through the tunnel toward the light until I was in it. Somehow I knew that when I reached the light at the end of the tunnel, something really, really good was going to happen to me.

When I walked in, they were singing loud and having a good time. The music was rocking in the Spirit and the atmosphere was filled with excitement. When the preacher got up, he opened the bible and preached from it. I was so excited to be there. The minister didn’t preach out of the bible at my church, he read the message every Sunday from a notebook. There were three preachers that night and they preached a tag team message in the Holy Ghost. It was really something to watch and hear. I was ready to leave my church and join that one because I wanted to learn about the bible and I definitely wanted to know more about God. The following Sunday, I received salvation. Praise God!!

Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 10


Southern California

Mama had a job lined up with Pacific Bell, but somehow by the time we arrived in San Diego, the job had been cancelled. They told her that she had to reapply and wait until there was another opening. She tried to get some kind of emergency aid that would help us until she received a pay check, but was told that she had too much life insurance. Mama’s policy was worth only a few thousand dollars. When she came home, the disappointment had her in tears, angry and really, really upset in any order you would like to arrange them. She said, “What am I supposed to do, die so we can eat?” What could we do? Those times were pretty tough.

With very little money and food – Mama had to cut back on everything for a long time. Eventually she began working as an Operator for Pacific Bell. It was the only job available to her at the time. Her paycheck and Daddy’s Social Security barely paid the rent. The little that was left had to be doled out for ‘food’, gas for our one car, and bus fare for Wayne to go to school. Perry and I each received 10 cents a day for lunch. Each day we met at lunch time outside of the cafeteria on campus. We each bought a cup of soda out of the vending machine and sipped on it until it was gone, ignoring the fact that we were still hungry.

Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 9


God Knows Everything

There were times when I had questions while doing my homework that didn’t get answered right away. How could I get the help I needed at the time I wanted it? Then one evening an idea came to me. I thought, ‘If God knows everything, and made everything, then he must know the answers to these homework questions’.

Doing arithmetic had to be easy for him. I figured that if God could hear all of my thoughts, I could just think a question to him and then listen for the answer. That way I wouldn’t get in trouble for mumbling to myself at home or for talking out loud in class. I could get answers to the questions I needed or at least what pages the answers were on in the book so I could find them for myself. Was that possible for homework? He used to tell me things that would happen to people and in just a short time, they would happen. Why couldn’t he tell me about things that had already happened in history? Why couldn’t he show me easier ways to learn arithmetic? Well, why not, I wondered. I decided to try it.

The next day as I was taking the multiple choice test, I was sure of the answers until I came to a question that I didn’t know the answer to. I couldn’t figure out what letter to circle, a., b., c., or d. All of the above. I was stumped. Then I remembered, ‘God knows everything’. In my thoughts, I asked him to help me. After reading the question to God silently (I knew he could read, but I read it to him anyway), I asked him, ‘Which one is it?’ As I looked down at the paper, the entire correct answer immediately lit up on the paper! My eyes got real big and I marked the letter real fast. Wow!


Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 8


Quiet Times

The day I walked into my very own furnished room, I let out a sigh of relief and thanked God. Finally, I had a bedroom all to myself with longed for peace and quiet. It didn’t take Joy, my spoiled Pomeranian, too long to get used to our new room and the new bed. We just settled in. Sometimes when I woke up very early, I’d watch rays of sunlight shine through the curtains on the windows and slowly travel up the walls, gradually changing my room from dark, to dimly lit, until the entire room was full of light. When I opened the windows just a little, a cool spring breeze flowed gently through my room. Relaxation, joy and quiet times were mine!

Many days as I laid there in the early morning quietness, I’d listen to birds singing and the cooing sound of pigeons. The atmosphere in my room was so quiet and peaceful that it became a very special place away from the noise of the rest of the house. Mornings and evenings were special times in my life. Alone in my room, I could think about my life, what I wanted to do, all the things I would like to have when I grew up and the places I’d like to go. The things I thought I’d like to do were music, singing, art, sports and have a family. The quietness of my room and my imagination were my avenues of escape.