Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 10


Southern California

Mama had a job lined up with Pacific Bell, but somehow by the time we arrived in San Diego, the job had been canceled. They told her that she had to reapply and wait until there was another opening. She tried to get some kind of emergency aid that would help us until she received a paycheck, but was told that she had too much life insurance. Mama’s policy was worth only a few thousand dollars. When she came home, the disappointment had her in tears, angry and really, really upset in any order you would like to arrange them. She said, “What am I supposed to do, die so we can eat?” What could we do? Those times were pretty tough.

With very little money and food – Mama had to cut back on everything for a long time. Eventually, she began working as an Operator for Pacific Bell. It was the only job available to her at the time. Her paycheck and Daddy’s Social Security barely paid the rent. The little that was left had to be doled out for ‘food’, gas for our one car, and bus fare for Wayne to go to school. Perry and I each received 10 cents a day for lunch. Each day we met at lunchtime outside of the cafeteria on campus. We each bought a cup of soda out of the vending machine and sipped on it until it was gone, ignoring the fact that we were still hungry.

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