Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 11



The 1970’s

I was sitting at my desk, when suddenly in my spirit, I saw a long dark tunnel. It was wide at my end, but as I continued to look along the tunnel, the opening became smaller and smaller. As I looked intently all the way through the tunnel, at the end of it was a very bright light. Then, I saw myself moving through the tunnel toward the light until I was in it. Somehow I knew that when I reached the light at the end of the tunnel, something really, really good was going to happen to me.

When I walked in, they were singing loud and having a good time. The music was rocking in the Spirit and the atmosphere was filled with excitement. When the preacher got up, he opened the bible and preached from it. I was so excited to be there. The minister didn’t preach out of the bible at my church, he read the message every Sunday from a notebook. There were three preachers that night and they preached a tag team message in the Holy Ghost. It was really something to watch and hear. I was ready to leave my church and join that one because I wanted to learn about the bible and I definitely wanted to know more about God. The following Sunday, I received salvation. Praise God!!

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