Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 12

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The 1980’s

We were in so much debt that I was ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ every month just to make the minimum payments on bills. I would make a payment on a loan at the Credit Union, wait for it to post and then transfer the available balance to pay another bill or to have enough for gas or food. I knew this was not God’s will and the guilt I carried for allowing myself to be put in this situation was tremendous. Nevertheless I knew that God could do the impossible if I would just trusted him for it.

Santeller was an automated machine at the Credit Union we referred to as the Iron Lady. You called Santeller with your account number and access codes to check your account balances, the due dates of payments, to make payments, etc. I believed that if I called Santeller, God would make my payment for me. The technology was his. He made the computers, so when I inquired about my monthly loan payment, he could certainly override the electronic Iron Lady and make her say, ‘Paid.’

I made that decision and went back into the equipment to pray. I asked God to make the payment for me. I dialed the required digits fully expecting the machine to say paid and it scared me when it said, “Paid!” With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible!

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