Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 13

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The 1990’s

June 1996 — I didn’t think I could make it without the little financial help Sam was giving me. His paychecks increased, but what he gave me toward the ever increasing bills, the responsibilities of growing children, let alone for any necessary repairs to the house remained the same. With no change seemingly in sight, I grew even more miserable. One Saturday before he found some excuse to leave, I looked at myself in our bathroom mirror and screamed, “I’m miserable!”

The following Monday, the girls called me at work and said that Dad was there with a couple of men from church. They were helping him pack and move out! I thought, ‘Good!’ and hung the phone up. Somehow I knew that God would take care of us. I had no idea the difficult turn my life would take. After 11 years of ‘marriage’, I was going through, you guessed it, another divorce.

When Sam moved out, he took the bed and put a dirty stained, dusty twin mattress out of the garage in our bedroom on the floor.  I was so glad he was gone, I didn’t care.  I put a white sheet and a blanket over the mattress and laid down on my stomach with my head cradled on my arm.  Just then I felt a man’s hand go through the blanket and sheet and lay flat on my behind.  I knew it was a demon’s hand.  Immediately, without turning around to see who or what it was, I said very strongly in a loud voice, “Get your hand off of me!”  The hand lifted off of my behind and nothing like that has happened since.  I assumed the evil spirit left and went to sleep.

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