Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 16

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Final Thoughts

Since I couldn’t talk in church, I decided to ask Mama at home, when I thought she wasn’t too busy. I walked over to her when she was folding clothes and asked, “Mama, where is God? I can’t find him in the windows at church.” Thank God for my mother! She took the time to explain to me who God is and where he is. The invisible part interested me. Through my mother, God caught a 3 year olds attention so much so, that it opened a two-way door between him and me for life.

The decision I made at 3 years old to go outside and talk to God changed my life forever. It made me happy and let me know that God is always there even when I’m not paying any attention to him. That one curious question and the answer my mother gave me saved my life and turned it around time after time. No matter what happens, trust God.

Although I didn’t always listen or do the right things, I never left God and he never left me. I depended on his love for me at every turn. I know he loves me. God has blessed me, my family and now my husband in ways I could have never imagined. I’m Daddy’s little girl and my life continues to be hid in God with Christ.

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