Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 5


Dysfunctions At Home

In the 1940’s, a young woman alone with a child was expected to get married. Ronnie was fourteen months old in June of 1947 when Daddy and Mama were married. Ronnie’s father and Mama had previously divorced. Between August of 1948 and my birth in October of 1949, Mama had twins, her father passed away, and then I was born. It must have been a very difficult and emotional time for my mother. She took care of four small children under the age of three years old all at the same time! Could you handle that? I couldn’t.

Daddy was very jealous of Mama. Even though she was very much overweight from having four children in such a short space of time, to him she was still young and attractive. Remember, he was 20 years older than her. In 1947 when they married, Mama was just 21 years old and Daddy was 41. To drive the point home, she was 23 in 1949 when I was born. A few years later, she became very ill and almost died of spinal meningitis. The illness caused her to lose a lot of weight and she never put it back on.

Mama was home with us all the time. There was never another man around. Even so, I remember the arguments and the violence. Mama wore dark glasses often because of the black eyes. I’m sure she must have had bruises too. We were small, but we could hear the arguing and the accusations. We saw our mother cry often and we heard the shouting coming from the bedroom at night on many, many occasions. My father abused my mother mentally and physically for no reason. It was all in his mind.

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