Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 6

Cover6                            Back Yard Pendleton St

Mendelson Street

I remember how Ronnie, Perry, Cheri and I shared one pair of roller skates until our parents could afford to buy each of us our own pair. Believe me; we learned the importance of being patient, being considerate of the other person’s feelings and the ‘joy’ of waiting for your turn to skate. The skate key was very important. It was used to loosen the steel roller skates and then slide them up or back to adjust them to your shoe size. Then you clipped them onto the bottom of your leather shoes. The skate key tightened the skates to your shoes. Since we all wore different size shoes, you didn’t want to ever lose that skate key. Up and down Mendelson Street we skated one by one, over and over while the other three waited their turn.

Mama and Daddy bought Ronnie, Perry and my bicycles the same way they bought the roller skates. All of our lives, each of us only had one bicycle. We knew that our parents sacrificed to get each of us even one bicycle, so we took care of what we had. We kept them clean and used the kick stand. When we got off our bicycles, we never let them drop to the ground. Ronnie got his bicycle first, then after a couple of years, Perry and I got ours at the same time on Christmas morning! What a Christmas! I’ll never forget that day! Mama and Daddy were so happy and so were we. When they opened the double doors to the living room where the Christmas tree and presents were, we could have fainted right there! Perry’s bicycle was a red and black J. C. Higgins and mine was a pink and white Schwinn!

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