Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 7


Our World of Music and Dance

Since Mama possessed natural musical talent, she eased us toward becoming involved in music also. Introducing us to different forms of music was easy for Mama because she made singing and playing music fun and enjoyable for us. Mama had a beautiful singing voice and could play the alto saxophone, the clarinet, the piano, the accordion, and the organ with skill. We admired our mother, her singing voice and her ability to play instruments so much that we wanted to enjoy music like her. Sometimes on Sunday afternoons, she played and sang hymns on the organ and at other times while playing the accordion.

Learning to play musical instruments and how to sing were just two of the things she suggested that we do. She encouraged us to sing and to play musical instruments at home. She also encouraged us to become involved with music at church and school. Growing up, we discovered what Mama already knew; that God, academics, discipline and the arts mix quite well together.

Mama and Daddy taught us how to dance in our living room. Back then, compared to these days, a man and a woman actually did dance together. Perry and I asked Mama and Daddy to teach us how to dance. We knew we could dance better than the white kids we saw on the teen shows on television. After they showed us how Perry and I practiced together and discovered that we loved dancing to the variety of music Mama and Ronnie played at home.

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