Excerpt From Daddy’s Little Girl, Chapter 9


God Knows Everything

There were times when I had questions while doing my homework that didn’t get answered right away. How could I get the help I needed at the time I wanted it? Then one evening an idea came to me. I thought, ‘If God knows everything, and made everything, then he must know the answers to these homework questions’.

Doing arithmetic had to be easy for him. I figured that if God could hear all of my thoughts, I could just think a question to him and then listen for the answer. That way I wouldn’t get in trouble for mumbling to myself at home or for talking out loud in class. I could get answers to the questions I needed or at least what pages the answers were on in the book so I could find them for myself. Was that possible for homework? He used to tell me things that would happen to people and in just a short time, they would happen. Why couldn’t he tell me about things that had already happened in history? Why couldn’t he show me easier ways to learn arithmetic? Well, why not, I wondered. I decided to try it.

The next day as I was taking the multiple choice test, I was sure of the answers until I came to a question that I didn’t know the answer to. I couldn’t figure out what letter to circle, a., b., c., or d. All of the above. I was stumped. Then I remembered, ‘God knows everything’. In my thoughts, I asked him to help me. After reading the question to God silently (I knew he could read, but I read it to him anyway), I asked him, ‘Which one is it?’ As I looked down at the paper, the entire correct answer immediately lit up on the paper! My eyes got real big and I marked the letter real fast. Wow!


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