Ringer Washer

We didn’t have a washing machine and dryer.  Mama had to heat enough water to fill up a big metal tub on one side of the old ringer washer.  She put the diapers in the soapy water and then washed them by hand on a scrub board.  She then turned the handle around and around while feeding the diapers through the ringer into the rinse water in a tub on the opposite side.  The wet diapers were then carried in a basket out to the yard and hung on a clothes line to dry in the breeze.  All of this had to be done just so she could then use them again.  Mothers took care of and raised their own children without the fancy helpful baby gadgets and throw away diapers of today.  When I asked Mama how she did it all, she said, ‘Well Hila Jane, you just gotta do what you gottta do until you can do better.’  I have used that advice throughout my life.  It has helped me through many, many tough times.

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