Word, Creativity and Demonstration Workshops

Creative Workshops

Learn from experienced Christian leaders and professionals how to receive, develop and release your God given creative ability in a variety of areas chosen from The Gospel, The Arts and Life Skills.

Following the teaching sessions, you will return to the instructor of the workshop of your choice. The instructor will answer your questions and help you prepare for your participation in the last session of the day with what you have learned, written or received during their workshop.

The last hour of the day will be filled with opportunities for the attendees to participate in a creative variety style ‘open mic’ demonstration of what they received.

General Workshop Descriptions

Our Word, Creativity and Demonstration Workshops offer advancement in life with creativity, originality, precision and excellence by applying The Gospel, The Arts and Life Skills:

The Gospel

The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ. What is that good news? The Lord Jesus Christ has preeminence over all things spiritual and natural. In Him, so do we. Our workshops teach you how to receive and release The Creative Word of God which continually changes your life and enables you to do the will of God.




The freedom and variety of our Worship Arts workshops enable the participants to discover or sharpen their skills in a variety of creative forms from music to acting.




life skills

Life Skills

Possessing the willingness and/or the ability to learn is important to all of us. Our various Life Skills workshops will guide you and teach you how to apply the Word of God and your creative ability to develop new skills for successful daily living.




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